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Satellite Master Antenna Television also known as S.M.A.T.V systems are used in environments where the number and type of channels available needs to be controlled, i.e. high rise flats, care homes, prisons, hospitals and holiday resorts and hotels.

A head-end unit is installed to receive the signals from a digital aerial, satellite dish or in some cases both. This unit processes the signals into the pre-selected range of channels and distributes them to each point.  Guests can then access selected satellite or Freeview channels independently of each other.

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SMATV Equipment

What is an IRS?

IRS stands for ‘Integrated Reception System’. An IRS collects RF signals (carrying TV, Satellite & Radio) from one or a small number of aerials and satellite dishes and distributes those signals a number of locations, such as different apartments or offices. Most IRS systems will provide at least signals for Terrestrial TV (Freeview), DABs/VHF Radio and Astra Satellite (Sky and freeSat). Some will also provide signals for other satellite services such as HotBird or Arabsat.  An IRS can cover anything from a few flats to an entire village or office block. Most new housing blocks will have an IRS. The main advantage, over each subscriber having their own TV aerials and dishes, is that it keeps things tidy, with no mass of TV aerials and satellite dishes mounted on the building.

What is MATV?

MATV stands for ‘Master Antenna TV’.  MATV is the same as IRS except that it only distributes TV and Radio signals – that is it excludes satellite. For technical reasons, it is easier to build a MATV system than an IRS. If a satellite is not required a MATV system canbe the better option.

What is SMATV?

SMATV stands for ‘Satellite Master Antenna TV’. SMATV is the same as MATV as it only distributes TV (UHF) and Radio signals. The main difference is that it will also include facilities at the head of the system to decode certain satellite channels which it will distribute as additional TV channels. New SMATV systems are typically used in Hotels.

What is the difference between IRS and SMATV?

IRS and SMATV systems will distribute off air TV and Radio channels to multiple subscribers. However, a SMATV system will only distribute selected satellite channels at UHF frequency, an IRS will distribute the raw satellite frequency signals so every subscriber who can then connect their own satellite receiver equipment (such as a Sky box or freesat receiver). So, an IRS is general purpose reception system which presents signals to each subscriber as if they have their own TV and Radio aerials and satellite dishes, a SMATV restricts the satellite reception to a number channels which are distributed as additional  UHF TV channels. A SMATV system is only applicable for specialist areas such as Hotels and Gyms, where the TV receiving equipment is centrally managed.

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